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Villa Le Barone

Villa Le Barone originated in the middle ages as a baronial military tower in Tuscany, hence the name "Le Barone". During the Renaissance, the tower was converted into a "villa". In Renaissance times, a villa was the summer house of a noble Florentine family and was surrounded by "podere", where farming activities were conducted on the properties. During the 16 C, Villa Le Barone came into the possession of the Florentine Della Robbia family of artists and was restored after the First World War by Marchesa Maria Bianca Viviani della Robbia as a Tuscan wine and olive oil producing estate.

Maria Bianca was the grand-daughter of François de Larderel, a French engineer who immigrated to Tuscany in the 18 C and developed the technique of trapping geothermal steam under large brick domes to extract boric acid. The new town near the main plant was named Larderello to commemorate the success of this technique.

Marie Bianca's daughter, the Duchess Franca Visconti, converted the Villa Le Barone into a charming luxury hotel, while retaining the warm atmosphere of an old private villa. The Duchess Viscoti's cousins, who inherited the property, continue to run Villa le Barone with the same care and attention to detail.
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